Vic West FC

And Then There Were Two...
As summer has commenced, Vic West FC STILL has two squads left playing in Provincial Cup play. The D1 United Women take the short trip to Braefoot, to visit hosts Lakehill FC in Women's Prov B Cup QT action, Sunday Apr 29th. KO is 12PM noon.

The Masters B Men hit the road again for their QT matchup against Wanderers FC. The lads also play April 29th, but in Vancouver, at Burnaby Lakes West #3. KO is 3:30PM.

Good Luck to both teams! COYG!

Field Permits
Field permits for the season including Brodeur
City of Victoria Field Conditions
Here is the link to the City of Victoria's webpage for field status/closures:

The Township of Esquimalt(Victor Brodeur) lists their field conditions here:

A Parking Warning to ALL Members
This is a reminder and a 'warning' to ALL Club members, when parking in the Clubhouse neighbourhood. Do not park on the yellow curbs, do get off the road and up on the dirt when parking directly across the street from the Clubhouse.

Some business parking lots do not mind your 'after hours' use(and don't ask me which ones) BUT and most importantly....

You can NEVER park in our immediate neighbour's parking lot next to Complete Residential Management, 3267 & 3273 Tennyson.This is strictly verbotten. And it doesn't matter what day or time of day; it is 24/7.

The owner of that lot has warned us before and now he is threatening to TOW any unauthorized vehicle away, anywhere in that lot. Signs will be posted at the Clubhouse as a reminder to members, but please ensure all of your team and your guests, who are not regular visitors to the Clubhouse, are made aware of this.

Please & thank you