Vic West FC

Letter To The Mayor - Topaz Park
As many of you are aware, the City of Victoria's Mayor Helps has proposed a tent city for the homeless to be established at Topaz Park. Most user groups are against this proposal and have written to the Mayor. The following is the letter I wrote, on behalf of our Club:

Dear Mayor Helps

I am the President of the Victoria West Athletic Association(founded in 1896. A Non Profit Society since 1964), and as a group, a customer of the City of Victoria. We are also an investor in the City and in particular, to Topaz Park. It was our organization that installed the lights at Finlayson(now turf) Field and invested a further $25K into the field turf project.

We have approximately 300 members, both men and women, and we use all four soccer fields at Topaz Park. We have rental permits for five nights per week and pay the City $18-$20K every year, for that privilege. Our ladies are already, very uncomfortable using the washroom facilities at the park at night, particularly the one at Topaz sand based field, right adjacent to your proposed tent city. They already only use the facilities by going in pairs. Your proposal has this settlement right next to this field, where flood lights are on until 10PM most nights. On weekends, kids and adults start playing on those fields, with games starting at 10AM and arriving sooner to prepare. These field uses are not compatible with the homeless and I might say, the 'impossible to house', right next door.

Your proposal claims that there will be a non profit group to provide security and clean up. Who is going to provide that? All I see is a recipe for disaster. While your idea is a worthy one, Topaz Park is not the solution nor the right place. As paying users of this park, we at Vic West, strongly oppose your proposal as an infringement upon our purchase, safety and well being.

Respectfully, David Knowles President, Vic West FC

Executive/Coaches/Mgrs Meeting July 27th
The first meeting of the new season is Monday July 27th 7PM at the Clubhouse. This meeting takes place the week before training and tryouts begin, and is fairly important, so please ensure YOUR team is represented. See you then.
Training & Tryouts Start Tues Aug 4th
Believe it or not, the 2015/16 season is just around the corner. Finlayson will be available Tuesday Aug 4th at the 'usual' August times for team training and tryouts(as applicable). Vic West FC has Men's D1, D3 Wolves, D3 Casuals, D4, MA, MB, O40 and O50 teams. While on the Women's side we have Premier, D1 FC, D1 UTD, D3 and O30B squads. Newcomers are welcome! For team contacts see the Team Contacts page on the homepage. A training schedule will be posted in due course.
New Look For Vic West FC Web Site
Well, if you are here, you have noted the new look Vic West FC website. A HUGE thanks goes to Andy Teppin, for all the work he put in to make the changes. The new page has a full team contacts page, views much better on mobiles, but will still have all the usual info and scores. Check it out!
Women's Drop In Fridays at Finlayson
Hello Ladies of Vic West FC, and their friends.

In an effort to bolster all of our lady squads and to fill our Premier Women's team, we will be holding Friday Night Finlayson drop in/training sessions, starting May 29th and running to July 31st at 7-9PM(with the exception of June 26th). The Club's formal training sessions for 2015/16 start Tues Aug 4th.

All women are welcome to attend and please bring your friends and potential Club recruits. The sessions will be a mix of formal training sessions and scrimmage. The plan is to improve and strengthen all our teams.

The sessions will be led by Kristoff Coates( You can contact him if you have any questions.

Meet The New Boss, Same As The Old Boss...
The Club AGM was held Sun May 24th and your new Executive was elected. They just happen to be the same as the 'old' one!

President: Dave Knowles

Vice President: Becky Fowler

Treasurer: Russell Wilson

Secretary: Brioney Logan

Registrar: Geri Dickson

Directors at Large: Ralph Anderson, Shaun Gurney, Andy Laflamme, Garry Thomson, Mark Urwin

Thank you ALL for stepping forward, once again!

And The Award Winners Are....
The Club's Annual Awards Night was Sat Apr 25th, where Team MVPs and Club Awards, the Al Davies, Ab Travis & Alex Stewart trophies were presented. I want to give a big shout out to Becky Fowler for organizing the night and her D3 team mates, who handled the door. For those of you who were not there, here are the winners:

D1 Men - Nathan Bird

D3 Men - Zac Stewart

D4 Men - Devin Stark

MA Men - Carlo Legg

MB Men - Adam Cornett

O40 Men - Russell Wilson

O50 Men - Kurt Dixon

Prem Women - Courteney Logan

D1 FC Women - Sarah Chiu

D1 UTD Women - Becca Fishburne

D3 Women - Jamie Barfai

O30B Women - Pat Kyffin

Alex Stewart(Best Manager) - Shaun Gurney

Ab Travis(Member who goes 'the extra mile') - Geri Dickson

Al Davies(Most Dedicated) - Tim Elwell & Mike Murray

For winners who were not in attendance, your MVP jacket(very smart) will be at the Clubhouse. CONGRATULATIONS to ALL the winners!

City of Victoria Field Conditions
Here is the libk to the City of Victoria's webpage for field status/closures:

The Township of Esquimalt(Victor Brodeur) lists their field conditions here:

SD61(Reynolds HS) doesn't have a Field Status page, but they 'usually' advise the Club on Fridays of any closures.

A Parking Warning to ALL Members
This is a reminder and a 'warning' to ALL Club members, when parking in the Clubhouse neighbourhood. Do not park on the yellow curbs, do get off the road and up on the dirt when parking directly across the street from the Clubhouse.

Some business parking lots do not mind your 'after hours' use(and don't ask me which ones) BUT and most importantly....

You can NEVER park in our immediate neighbour's parking lot next to Complete Residential Management, 3267 & 3273 Tennyson.This is strictly verbotten. And it doesn't matter what day or time of day; it is 24/7.

The owner of that lot has warned us before and now he is threatening to TOW any unauthorized vehicle away, anywhere in that lot. Signs will be posted at the Clubhouse as a reminder to members, but please ensure all of your team and your guests, who are not regular visitors to the Clubhouse, are made aware of this.

Please & thank you